Although Beautiful and Multitalenta, Turns out Aurelie Moeremans Was Never Rejected When Casting


Although Beautiful and Multitalenta, Turns out Aurelie Moeremans Was Never Rejected When Casting

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Aurelie Alida Marie Moeremans or better known as Aurelie Moeremans is a familiar figure in the entertainment world. A profession as an actress, model and singer, the woman born in Brussels, Belgium, August 8, 1993 has been successful in pursuing her career as a celebrity.

Active since 2008, this woman, who masters English, Dutch and French, pursues the entertainment industry by entering the modeling world. The daughter of the couple Jean-Marc Moeremans and Sri Sunarti has experienced ups and downs several times in her career. How is the story? Come, see the full review below.

Bitterly Rejected When ‘Casting’ Until Selling Well Becomes a Advertising Star

It all started when Aurelie was a teenager on vacation with family to Indonesia. For approximately two months, Aurelie spent his time to enjoy the charm of the archipelago.

That’s when he saw the actress Laura Love was climbing. Coincidentally, when they were both the same age. Tempted by the popularity of Laura’s love on television, Aurelie’s desire to begin following a number of castings was made to reach her dreams.

Aurelie teenager has indeed aspired to become an artist. That is why he joined one of the modeling contests in Bandung in 2007. After becoming a finalist, Aurelie, who was only 14 years old then decided to move with his family, from Belgium to Indonesia.

In 2008, Aurelie was still not fluent in Indonesian. Even so, he managed to get a supporting role in the soap opera Black and White. At that time he was playing the younger brother of Ricky Harun.

Previously, he had experienced casting rejections from various production houses. Various reasons are often heard. Starting from the color of the skin which is called too dark to the ability of the Indonesian language that is still not fluent.

In Belgium, Aurelie grew up using French as her main language, starting from everyday interactions, both with family and when socializing with her friends.

In 2009, Aurelie, who was still determined to launch Indonesian, found a way to enter the world of advertising. And unexpectedly his action immediately sold well as an ad star.

A number of advertisements that he has starred include, among others, Gulaku, Vaseline, Pond’s, Softlens X2, Sunsilk, VIVA Cosmetic, Natasha Skin Care, Vitalis Body Spray, McDonalds, Supermi, Roma Malkist, Milk Flag, Mizone, Sympathy, Candy Say, Frisian Flag to Monaist Abon Gurih.


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