Exploring the role of art and acting


Exploring the role of art and acting

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Aurelie also tried out acting and deepened acting. He was recorded acting had collided with Verrell Bramasta and Ahmad Al Ghazali in the film LDR.

In 2010, Aurelie starred in a film titled Jinx, D’Love and Sweetheart. In 2014, Aurelie did a movie called Cinta Pertamaku. Entering 2015, he participated in LDR, Tarot, Badoet, to Where Is My Romeo. Following in 2016, he took the role in the film Glass Glasses, Candidate Doctor’s Dodol Notes, and Melbourne Rewind.

In 2017, the ex-wife of Roby Tremonti then played in the film titled Singles Reboot, What Do You Want To Be? and Tommi N Jerri. In 2018, this Belgian-Indonesian crossbreed woman starred in Partikelir, EL, Kuntilanak, until Waiting for Morning.

Melakoni Soap Opera and FTV

Not just trying out the big screen film. A number of electronic cinema (soap operas) have also starred Aurelie since active from 2008. The first soap opera titled Beautiful Princess and Black and White which aired in the same year. At that time, he was still stammering in Indonesian.

Then this crossbreed woman also acted in a soap opera titled Cinta Putri in 2009. In 2010, Aurelie collided acting in the soap opera Rama and Ramona. Entering 2011, he participated in starring the Princess in Exchange.

In 2012, Aurelie took part in the soap opera Magic. Following in 2013, viewers could see his acting in the soap opera Berkah and Fortune Cookies. In 2014, he again greeted the audience by playing in the soap opera Siti Bling-Bling followed by Love in the Taj Mahal Sky in 2015.

In 2018, Aurelie also plays soap operas when the heart has chosen. His work in honing his acting skills was also evident in the television movie he starred in. A number of titles such as Love 1/2 Pole (2008), My Love at the Security Post (2009) to the Fire of Love (2011) had been tested.

Entering 2015, he again took the role in FTV titled The Beauty Transmitter Scarf (2015) as Nimaz, as well as the Mirror of Life: When a Storm Prostrated (2016). In 2017, he starred in two FTVs titled Waiting for Your Love’s Answer at Night and Bokok Idol Makers, also Cireng Rasa Kangen.


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