Ever Considered to Accompany Brother’s Success, Here’s How Billy Syahputra Proves His Achievement


Ever Considered to Accompany Brother’s Success, Here’s How Billy Syahputra Proves His Achievement

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The figure of Billy Syahputra is certainly familiar in the eyes of the people of the country. The younger brother of the late Olga Syahputra is known as one of Indonesia’s most famous comedians and presenters. Not only that, Billy who was born in Jakarta, January 16, 1991 also penetrated the art of acting as an actor.

The 28-year-old man has jumped into the entertainment industry since 2013. At that time, he was lined up to replace his brother who was ill. Because of his illness, Olga was forced to be absent from a number of television programs.

But unexpectedly, Billy’s sustenance continues to flow from the entertainment world. Even now, the wealth of hard work continues to grow. His achievements were no joke and cannot be underestimated.

The son of the Nurokhman and Nursidah couple was indeed often underestimated. The reason he is considered only piggybacking his brother’s fame. But now, a series of achievements Billy has received appreciation from a number of prestigious awards.

First debut on TV Comedy Shows

Billy first walked the frenetic world of celebrity when replacing his brother who missed the shoot because of his declining health condition. At that time, Billy appeared in a number of comedy shows that were in on television. Among them like Yuk Kita Sahur, Opera Van Java, to Pesbukers.

Billy’s figure then became increasingly known thanks to the Yuk Keep Smile program. Later, the name Bang Billy became increasingly familiar in the community after he became the presenter of the powerful music show RCTI OKE. The media and the public welcomed the presence of Billy who brought a breath of fresh air.

It was countless how many television comedy shows he brought. Call it like Yuk Kita Sahur and Yuk Keep Smile from Trans TV, Dahsyat (RCTI), Pesbukers (antv) to Si Olga’s Notes (antv). Billy also supports the Shorting, Sahurnya Ramadhan, Ngabuburit, Happy Happy, Hati Ke Hati Show, to The Blusukan which are all made by Trans TV.

Not to forget, Billy’s presence can also be witnessed at the Juragan Kepo and The Kepo shows from RTV, Sahur Itu Indah and Happy Show on Trans TV, and Real Star (Trans 7). Joy Billy also appeared on Trans TV’s Sketch and Everybody Superstar program, D Academy Celebrity on Indosiar, and of course Inbox (SCTV).

Billy also entertained and greeted Indonesian television screen viewers through the Ramadan Festival and Q Academy Second Season (Indosiar). He appeared in a number of programs owned by Trans TV, namely Mari Kita Sahur, Bro & Bray, Anti Jones, Pagi Pagi Bagus Happy, Raffi Billy & Friends, Andai … to Sahur Segerr on Trans7.

A warm welcome for Billy is increasingly evident from the arrival of various offers to fill TV shows. In fact, Billy also appeared as a cameo in the film Taman Lawang.


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