Job Seeker, This is the CPNS Job Vacancy Selection Schedule 2019


Job Seeker, This is the CPNS Job Vacancy Selection Schedule 2019

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The National Personnel Agency (BKN) has officially opened the vacancy selection for prospective civil servants (CPNS) for the 2019 period in various fields in government and state institutions.

Being a civil servant is like the dream of most people because of the guaranteed future and career path offered. How not, by becoming a civil servant the pension guarantee is available and there is certainty in his career path.

Even so, to be able to climb the career ladder in the world of civil servants, it must still be balanced with a qualified level of education. Without pursuing a higher education level, the career of a civil servant will also not increase.

CPNS Selection Schedule 2019

Not to be missed, BKN has determined at any time the opening and selection until the announcement of acceptance of CPNS this year. The process requires around six months, starting later this year until early next year.

As quoted from the official social media BKN, the following schedule for the selection of CPNS 2019:

October – November 2019:

Determination of formation
Announcement of registration
December 2019 – January 2020:

Announcement of the results of the administrative selection
February – March 2020:

Implementation of SKD (Basic Ability Selection)
April 2020:

Integration of SKD and SKB scores (Field Competency Selection)

How to Register CPNS Vacancies on the Site

Minister of Administrative Reforms (Menpan), Syarifuddin, as quoted by TribunNews, revealed that the registration of CPNS will be opened starting October 25, 2019.

Following are the steps to register CPNS on the official BKC SSN website:

Open the official BKN page at
Look for the ‘Understand Registration Procedure’ column icon, located at the bottom left of the main page
Click on the section that says ‘Applicants must read and understand the SSCASN registration procedures (years) which can be seen here’
After entering the ‘Registration Flow’ page, click the download section ‘SSCASN Registration Guide Book (year)’
Create an SSCASN account
Once you have an account, continue to log in to SSCASN, using the password and registered NIK
Do an ‘Agency List’
Check ‘Resume’
Send ‘Data’
Print SS SSCASN Registration Card ’
Always double check whether the registration is correct and in accordance with the provisions to avoid mistakes and failures in registering CPNS.


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