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Play Films and Win Awards

Coast, Cliff, Ocean, White, Sea

His career continued to climb and peak. After appearing in the film Taman Lawang (2013), a number of other films also starred Billy. Among others, such as Olga & Billy Lost in Singapore (2014), Olga Heritage (2015) and Darling Harbor (coming soon).

In 2014, Billy won the Greatest Guest Host for the Fierce Awards. Then, together with Syahnaz Sadiqah, the name Billy was also nominated for the Most Powerful Couple in the same award.

Billy also won the Most Exciting Newcomer in the 2014 Global Fun Award. He also won the Favorite Newcomer Celebrity in the 2014 Insert. Slowly but surely, Billy’s figure received a positive response from his fans. Not only has a place in the hearts of the people, Billy’s name is increasingly being taken into account in the Nusantara entertainment industry.

Billy then penetrated the world of soap operas by starring in the Wakwaw Love Wheelbarrow in 2015. Then he also did the soap opera dating your will in 2019 on antv.

The name Billy also enlivened a number of television movie titles (FTV) such as Chasing Love Olga 5, Chase Me You Are My Kick, As Seen as Prohibited from Falling in Love, until I Kick the Ball I Catch Love that aired on SCTV.

Exist in the World of Drag Sound

Billy also expanded his fortune to exist in the world of singing. In 2015, Billy collaborated with Tarra Budiman and Chand Kelvin for the Kepo song. Following in 2016, he again took Posan Tobing and brought Pantun Cinta 100%.

Billy’s face also appeared as a model in Denny Cagur’s Goyang Bang Jali video clip released in 2013. In addition, Billy also appeared in the video clip of No Rama Shinta, delivered by Raffi Ahmad in 2014.



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