Test the World of Sound Pull


Test the World of Sound Pull

Bled, Winter, Lake, Slovenia, Castle

In addition to exploring the world of acting, Aurelie has also released her debut single, Here We Are. Not many people know that in 2009, Aurelie actually released an album containing nine songs.

But unfortunately, when the album was almost finished instead was canceled. Hurt and disappointed, Aurelie, who is also an expert at playing guitar, finally decided to focus on acting.

Afterward, a number of music labels seemed to show their interest in Aurelie’s musical talent.

But because he still felt the trauma left behind, Aurelie did not respond. Until finally, in 2016 one of his friends wanted to produce four of his songs.

From there the single Here We Are was officially released to the market in August 2019. This song, created by Aurelie, was done three years ago. Starting from the mixing and mastering process is done alone and this makes it an indie musician.

According to him, the song arranged with the acoustic nuance really defines how the taste of the music as a whole, which is simple and sweet.

Keep Trying Until Your Dreams Are Achieved
Although experiencing failure does not mean there is no hope anymore to achieve dreams. Failure is only delayed success. Like the story of Aurelie, who was once rejected from casting and canceled launching of her song, but she still tried to achieve her dream.

You can also make Aurelie’s story inspiring success. Make sure you are as strong mentally and emotionally as people who have achieved success first. When you experience failure you will not feel excessive disappointment. You can rest and rest for a while, then try to get up and fight again. Who knows, this time it will succeed and achieve the dream of success.


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