The flow of Registration and Selection of CPNS 2019


The flow of Registration and Selection of CPNS 2019

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The flow of CPNS recruitment in 2019 starting from the opening of registration until the selection and acceptance process has been determined, including:

Starting to open access to registration on the official website of the BKC SSCASN
Creating an SSCASN account for applicants
Log in to SSCN or SSP3K
The process of completing the data/resume
Verification process
Selection process
Announcement of selection results

Number of CPNS Vacancies Opened

The number of CPNS recruits opened this time was 197,111, consisting of 37,854 formations for central agencies and 159,257 formations of regional agencies. The most opened formation is the teacher (instructor).

Launching from BKN social media, the most CPNS formation for teachers is around 63,000, health workers (midwives, dentists, nurses, etc.) as many as 31,000, functional technical staff around 23,000, and other technical workers around 28,000, and others.

From each CPNS vacancy formation, each agency announced any CPNS vacancies that were opened. Of the number of agencies, which opened CPNS vacancies were 541 agencies from around 700 existing agencies.

CPNS Registration Requirements

In recruiting CPNS, there are terms and conditions that must be met by participants, from administrative requirements to various tests that are passed. If you are interested in becoming a civil servant, know the following CPNS registration requirements.

Documents (scanned or scanned documents):

Photograph (uploaded at least 120 KB in size, maximum 200 KB in format. JPG or. JPEG)
ID card
Family Card (KK)
The requirements for registering CPNS are based on PP No.11 / 2017 concerning Management of Civil Servants:

Minimum age of 18 years and a maximum of 35 years, except for certain positions determined by the president of no more than 40 years
Never been sentenced to prison, based on a court decision that already has permanent legal force for committing a crime with imprisonment of two years or more
Have never been dismissed with respect not at his own request or not with respect as a civil servant, a TNI soldier, a member of the National Police, or dismissed disrespectfully as a private employee
Not domiciled as PNS, TNI soldiers, members of Porli
Have an educational qualification in accordance with job requirements
Other requirements according to the requirements of the position stipulated by the Employee Supervisory Officer (PPK)
Additional requirements for each formation are determined by the Ministry / Institution / Service respectively
Remember, adjust your educational background to the type of CPNS you will choose. So that it meets the requirements in terms of qualifications for CPNS vacancies that are being opened.


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