Tips for Passing Enroll CPNS


Tips for Passing Enroll CPNS

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For those interested in becoming civil servants, BKN also provides tips on how to pass the test and be accepted as a CPNS. Tips for qualifying for registering CPNS delivered by BKN on the official.

If loading is too long

If you experience loading too long when you register, do the following:

Just wait
Don’t refresh or cancel
Difficulties when filling in the registration page

If you experience difficulties or can’t find the data that has been inputted, you can do this:

Make sure the number entered is correct
Contacting helpdesk
Or visit dukcapil to ensure data suitability
The muncul nul ’response page appears

If the ‘nul’ response appears after filling in the registration page, it means that the data has not been successfully saved, so do this:

Repeat again
Constraints during the card printing process

If you experience problems while printing a card, do this:

Login again
Print the account card again
If the NIK response has been registered

When typing in the residence number but the response is that NIK or KK are already registered, there is no need to be confused, just pay attention to this:

No need to panic
Repeat the process of registering again
Don’t panic if it fails ‘Login’

When unable to log in or log in to this BKN SSCASN page, note this:

Register at the beginning of the registration is opened
Don’t panic if the login fails, keep repeating


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