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Big Income Until Have Business

Big Income Until Have BusinessSome time ago, the name Billy had become a byword because of his upload on Instagram. Reportedly, who just bought...

Play Films and Win Awards

Play Films and Win AwardsHis career continued to climb and peak. After appearing in the film Taman Lawang (2013), a number of other films...

Ever Considered to Accompany Brother’s Success, Here’s How Billy Syahputra Proves His Achievement

Ever Considered to Accompany Brother's Success, Here's How Billy Syahputra Proves His AchievementThe figure of Billy Syahputra is certainly familiar in the eyes of...


SFAS-ShariaFurthermore, there is PSAK-Syariah, an accounting guideline that can be used by institutions that have Sharia policies in their business activities. You could say...

2 Types of Financial Accounting Standards

2 Types of Financial Accounting StandardsTo date, there are five types of financial accounting standards in Indonesia. The five accounting standards are issued by...